WILLIAM R. (Bill) INGLIS, Australia

Bill sadly died in May 2009
With the approval of his family, this web site has been kept as a tribute to him and his Meccano activities

Replica Channel Segments (part 119)
I first manufactured my Replica Meccano Channel Segments in 1969 as they were a very scarce and much sought-after obsolete Meccano Part which had not been made since before World War II. Their main uses were for large Flywheels (11"+ diameter) for Stationary Steam Engine models and for Turntables for Large Cranes, indeed Meccano Ltd. used Channel Segments for the prototype Titan Giant Blocksetting Crane prior to their development of the Geared Roller Bearing, P/N 167.

These Replicas sold well right up until I ceased my Replica activities in 1980, disposed of my Meccano Collection and stopped participating in Meccano Modelling for private reasons.

In 2001 some local Meccano Modellers/Collectors caught up with me and rekindled my interest in things Meccano. When I told them that my Channel Segment Tooling still existed I was encouraged to "dust off the die" and make a further run of my Replicas. Much to my surprise this run also sold very well showing that a considerable demand still existed for my Replica Meccano P/N 119's so I resolved to keep them in production for the time being, hence this web page.

Above: Original (top) and replica Channel Segments

Left: Flywheel built up from 2 circles of replica Channel Segments
(painted green by the builder)

More models using part 119

These new parts, being from the same dies as my original replicas are identical with them and are again finished in Nickel Plate. Their cost is $A35-00 per set of 8 (there are 8 to a circle) plus postage. (This is for reference purposes only.  These parts can no longer be supplied since Bill passed away).
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