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These claims for Bryan and his machines were listed in the Bryans sales catalogues.  Some of the claims now seem rather dubious or spurious!

W.E.Bryan's record for devising original and satisfactory machines is established, if only on account of the following facts.    He made:
1 The first coin-operated machine for amusement constructed on sound engineering lines, resulting in almost everlasting life. (Someone reminds him that he made his first amusement machine when he was only 10 years old.)
2 The first British machine to hold its own against a well-known American Speiller - the CLOCK.
3 The first multi-ball machine to record its score on a dial - the TRICKLER.
4 The first scoring machine of any type to offer a second check on the score - the TRICKLER.
5 The first machine to use swinging fingers to catch several balls to win - the PAYRAMID.
6 The first multi-ball machine to pay out various numbers of coins or checks - the PAYRAMID.
7 The first shapely and stylish machine in the business - the ALL SQUARE CRANE.
8 The first multi-coloured scheme for the decoration of an amusement machine - the RIPPLER.
9 The first machine where metal balls operate between two sheets of glass, giving everlasting clean appearance - the ROCKET.
10 The first 2-player wall machines of the fast-playing type - the ALL-SPORT.
11 The first machine to show live things, LIVE ANTS in fact - the LIVE PEEP SHOW.
12 The first machine offering alternate prizes of coins, checks, or cigarettes - the SIX-O-MORE.
13 The first 100% skill payout machine - the WINDMILL.
14 The first constant-running payout machine - the WATERFALL.
15 The first illusion swag machine ever devised - the BRAN TUB.
16 The first payout machine operating right away from rotating items, with self-operating jackpot - the HIDDEN TREASURE.
17 The first payout machine with an almost unlimited varying payout, at the discretion of the operator - the TWELVEWIN CLOCK.
18 The first multi-ball machine to offer the player a game of skill, to the very last ball, and to allow the operator to offer coins or checks, or prizes, at his choice - the RETREEVA.
19 The first machines ever made to mechanically perform conjuring tricks - the series of MAGIC machines.

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