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To qualify for these offers, you must order the music by using my special Bargains Emailophone on the right (which leads directly to my Top Secret Bargains Warehouse stocked full of top secret bargains) and mention the offer when ordering.

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25% off 20-Note (110mm) Rolls See here

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Another link to my Top Secret Bargains Warehouse via my Bargains Emailophone, for your ordering convenience (valued customers). Bargains Emailophone
Bargains Emailophone

 These special cheapo offers on this page (and others) cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers (and others).  In other words, you can't claim that you've got a load of money-off vouchers and expect to get the music for nothing - and some change as well.  Also, I reserve the right to refuse these offers to people who I don't like the look of,  for instance if their shoes are too close together, or they are wearing a funny hat.  (When ordering music from this page, please inform me if your shoes are too close together.)



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