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Please note:  My new special offers are now being posted on my Busker Organ Forum

One-off Bargains (while stocks last)

John Smith 20-note Ready-Punched rolls    (New Stock)
(Punched on plastic 'paper', all rolls are over 25 metres long.   Spools are not included in price, but can be ordered separately
TITLE Normal Price SALE Price
Come To The Fair, Beside The Seaside, Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts £31 £28
The Can Can, William Tell Gallop   £34 £28
The French Collection  SOLD £39 £34
Aces High, Imperial Echoes March  SOLD £36 £28
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Selections   SOLD £39 £33
The Savoy American Medley, Give My Regards To Broadway  SOLD £37 £31
Gay Gordons Medley  SOLD £39 £33
Mary Poppins Selections £30 £26
In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus, Beer Barrel Polka, Schutzenliesel  SOLD £36 £31
It's A Small World, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs  SOLD £35 £30
Happy Wanderer, Tulips From Amsterdam, Beer Barrel Polka  SOLD £33 £28
Aces High March, Espana Waltz £40 £33
King Cotton March, Our Director March, Radetsky March £32 £27
Wartime Favourites £35 £30
Espana Waltz, Estudiantina Waltz £37 £31
Over The Waves, Slaves' Chorus £35 £30
Happy Wanderer, Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Puppet On A String  SOLD £33 £28
Beer Barrel Polka, Beside The Seaside, The Can Can  SOLD £33 £28
Boogie Woogie Baby, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Toot-Toot-Tootsie Goodbye, Yes We Have No Bananas  SOLD £35 £29
Christmas Medley 1  SOLD £36 £30
Christmas Medley 4 £36 £31
Gershwin Favourites  SOLD £35 £30
Wooden Heart, Blue Danube Waltz £40 £32

Other Music Bargains (New Stock) - THESE ARE NOT FOR JOHN SMITH 20-NOTE
(Spools included)
Christmas Medley 1 SOLD 20-Note Roll (110mm) £39.70 £26
Over The Waves, Slaves' Chorus 20-Note Roll (110mm) £37.90 £29
The French Collection 20-Note Roll (110mm) £43.60 £36
Abba Favourites SOLD 20-Note Roll (110mm) £45 £38
Happy Wanderer, Tulips From Amsterdam, Beer Barrel Polka 20-Note Roll (110mm) £36.40 £28
Handel's Water Music (full roll)  SOLD 20-Note Roll (110mm) £45 £26
The Savoy American Medley  SOLD 20-Note Roll  (110mm)            



Espana Waltz, William Tell Gallop 20-Note Roll  (110mm) £44.80 £36
Trumpton Favourites 26-note Roll  (110mm) £48 £40
Mary Poppins Selections 26-note Roll  (110mm)



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  SOLD 26-note Roll  (110mm) £51.20 £32
Day Trip To Bangor, Geordie Medley 26-note Roll  (110mm) £43.20 £38
Gershwin Favourites 26-note Roll  (110mm) £44.80 £40
Gay Gordons Medley 26-note Roll  (110mm) £49.60 £44
Special Occasions Roll   SOLD 26-note Roll  (110mm) £49.60 £35
Estudiantina Waltz, Hoch Heidecksburg 26-Note Roll  (110mm) £51.20 £47
Thieving Magpie Overture  SOLD 26-note Roll  (110mm) £52 £21
Party Dances  SOLD 26-note Roll  (110mm) £51 £18
The French Collection  SOLD 26-Note Roll  (110mm) £51.20 £41
The Wassail Song  SOLD 22-keyless Book £12 £6  
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney  SOLD 22-keyless Book £10 £6  
While Shepherds Watched  SOLD 22-keyless Book £13 £5  

The special offers and bargains on this page cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discount.

Please note:  My new special offers are now being posted on my Busker Organ Forum

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