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 Buy Books about Organs and Organ Building

There are a few books still available about organ building.  Useful for anybody building a John Smith or other DIY organ.

The following books can be bought on-line now at Amazon.

Art of Organ Building (Volume 1 of 2) 600 pages  The organ builders' bible (2 volumes) get it while you still can!

The Art of Organ Building (Volume 2 of 2) 758 pages
This book is a treasure trove of information about pipe making (as well as other things).  Chapters on wood and metal pipe making, including which woods to use.  Comprehensive construction details and cross-sections of  every type of organ pipe: wood and metal, flues and reeds, special pipes, scale charts, how to make, voice, tune and regulate them, etc.  A total of 234 pages devoted to organ pipes alone.

Organ Building for Amateurs

Practical Organ Building

How to Build a Small Two Manual Pipe Organ

Understanding The Pipe Organ

The Recent Revolution In Organ Building

Organ (The New Grove Series)

The Cambridge Companion to the Organ...

Getting Started on the John Smith Busker Organ


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