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If you are contemplating the purchase of a new or second-hand organ, this is the guide for you! You will find information here about many different organs available today, so that you can compare one organ with another.  Do-it-yourself organs are also listed.

I am always interested in adding updates to this site as new organs come onto the market. Therefore, if you are a busker organ builder or a dealer please click here to let me know about any corrections or updates to the information on this site.

Similarly, if you have a hand-turned organ that is not featured on these pages, please contact me with a photograph and a brief description, and I will try and add it to the site.

Organ Builders in the UK
Rob Barker
Peter Trueman
Paul McCarthy
Alderman & Davis
Anthony Cragg
Alan Pell Music
Dean Organs
Peter Griffiths

Organ Builders in other countries
Orgelbau Raffin (Germany)
Deleika (Germany)
Anatoly Zaya-Ruzo (USA)
Jaeger & Brommer, Waldkirch (Germany)
Stuber Organs (Germany)
Flora & Co. (USA)

Build-It-Yourself Organs
John Smith Organs
Castlewood Organs
Alan Pell Music

It is my intention to represent all organ builders in a fair and honest manner. The information on these pages was mostly obtained directly from the organ builders or dealers concerned. All photographs and other information is used with their permission. Where it has not been possible to contact the makers directly, some information has been taken from sales leaflets and advertisements, on the assumption that the maker would have no objection to me using their own sales material to advertise their products. If any organ builder objects to me using their advertisements in this way, please contact me, and the offending material will be removed.

Disclaimer: The information here is published in good faith. I cannot check out every detail about every organ personally, and specifications may change without notice. If you are interested in buying a particular organ, it is your responsibility to confirm the specification of the organ with the seller. Do not rely solely on the information on this web site.

This web site is copyright (C) Melvyn Wright and individual contributors