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Castlewood Pipe Organs
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The Castlewood Busker is not just a set of organ plans.  It is a complete kit of parts for the home constructor. It measures 375mm (15") wide x 300mm (12") high x 290mm (11.5") deep.  The parts are made from best quality hoop pine and are cut by laser for the finest accuracy.

All the drudgery and difficult bits have been done for you, but that does not diminish the skill of such a project. It means that you do not need complex tools or machinery to build it and the fun part is left for you.  All you require to build this organ are adhesives, stains, varnishes, paints or lacquers and a few general tools, such as a ruler, pencil, sharp knife or scalpel.

This is an ideal kit for all ages. If you are mechanically minded, you'll love it!

The organ plays the same music as the John Smith 20-note organ.  Click Here to request my music list.

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"Music for the organs is available from Hal O'Rourke, who is the United States agent for Melvyn Wright. The arrangements are delightful and show the true genius of Melvyn, who can squeeze more music out of 20 notes than anyone I know." (MMD Archives 010121)

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