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 A new range of well priced hand cranked instruments. Available as a finished instrument or self-assembly kits with all parts pre-machined ready to build.  

14 Key Hand Cranked Reed Organ

The Teánola Mechanical Organ has been developed using the traditional techniques of the old masters from around 1885 playing by Perforated Book Music. The folding card music is placed between the rollers, and by cranking the handle the mechanical action creates a melodious rich tone from the brass reeds. Perfect for home use and easily transported for outside entertainment.


Technical :
14 Key Mechanical Action
14 Brass Reeds
Oak Veneered Case
Leathered Bellows
Plays many styles of music - Classical, Waltzes, Mazurkas, Dances, Polkas, Songs and Marches.
Carved Wooden Façade available as an add-on extra.

Also available in Kit form.


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20 Note Musical Box

A hand cranked mechanical movement in a traditional barrel organ case.

The manivelle music box has 20 notes and plays melodies from perforated paper. Made with an oak veneered case in the traditional Teánola barrel organ style it's a great novelty musical box and fun to play anytime. There are several melodies with each musical box, plus you can make your own music with the blank paper & hand punching tool.


Technical :
20 Note Manivelle (Hand Cranked)
Music plays from Perforated Paper
Tuned Steel Comb
Oak Veneered Case
Barrel Organ Style
Hand Punch, Blank Paper and Instructions included to make your own melodies!

Also availble in Kit form


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