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Deleika Organs
Deleika Orgelbau, D-91550, Dinkelsbuhl-Waldeck, Germany.
Tel. (49) 9857 9570,  Fax: (49) 9857 93991
Deleika organs are available in a wide variety of styles, with 20 or 26 notes.  Most models can incorporate extra pipes, to give a fuller sound and greater volume.

There are a number of case finishes to choose from: Red, green, blue or ivory and gold leaf, all with attractive hand-painted floral motifs; or inlaid with exotic veneers.

Deleika's 'Super Memory' microchip system can also be incorporated into most models.

A small 20-note busker organ is also available.  This can be carried around on a shoulder strap.


Contact Deleika at the above address for details of the organs currently available.

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