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YANKEE DOODLE is the only street pipe organ made in the United States.

Fully designed by Anatoly ZAYA-RUZO, its exclusive features make it a uniquely crafted mechanical musical instrument:

Independent module design

Back-loaded pressure box

Drop & Play cartridge loading system

Large pressure box window

Solid wood church organ-style pipes

Pull & push play/rewind system

Decorative paneling

Ready for automaton installation

Available as both a kit and a completed organ


A new Street organ from the workshop of Anatoly ZAYA-RUZO ( USA).


Larger capacity bellows.

Gear action

One-movement PLAY/REWIND switch.

Steel ball ends bellows traction.

Powerful receiver flat V-spring.

Pipes are made of premium Cedar and Mahogany.

Receiver and bellows are made of Baltic Birch plywood and genuine leather.

15 treble pipes are installed on the face panel, and 5 bass pipes are placed inside the case. However, each bass pipe labium is exposed at the front, so all 20 pipes produce the sound towards the audience. Therefore, organ sound is powerful and expressive.

The back and right panels can be easily open for the action servicing or tuning the bass pipes.

The manufacturer’s 3-years warranty is included.

One small roll with “Yankee Doodle” tune is included.

Price: US$ 2250. Located in USA.

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