Congratulations - you walked past the kiosk while the man who collects the money wasn't looking, and didn't have to pay anything.  Please keep the money in a safe place, and give it to the man on the way out.

  THIS WAY to see the Traction Engines

  THIS WAY to see the Fair Organs

  THIS WAY to buy an Ice Cream

  THIS WAY to see the old Tractors

  THIS WAY to buy some Chips

  THIS WAY to see the old Cars and Lorries, etc.

  THIS WAY to the Beer Tent

  THIS WAY to the Fair

  THIS WAY to see other steam fairs

The Virtual Steam Fair is attracting more exhibits all the time.
Come back next year for another look

Cyber-Steam is brought to you at considerable expense by Melvyn Wright.  I have to pay my exhibitors lots of money to display their wonderous exhibits.

Please let me know if you have enjoyed my steam fair - Thank You.
(Do not let me know if you think it is crap.)