Pipes and Rewind Crank

by Daniel Wright

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Pipe Building Tips
I used a model makers 4" Table Saw for sizing of pipe sides.  Gives very accurate ripping of precise widths of thin material.

I used CA (Cyano Acrylate) glue, following advice from model airplane builders who work with balsa. I chose gel formula for it's gap-filling ability and slower cure time allowing for quick re-alignment. Cure time of less than one minute made pipe assembly go very fast and easy.

Thin cardboard strips placed between the front pipes create shadow lines between pipes, giving better visual distinction to each individual pipe.

Rewind Crank Modifications
My spool has hex drive, so I cut the angle off a hex wrench and press-fit the straight piece into a 1/2" block glued to the back of a 2 1/2" disc with a 3/4" off-center hole for finger, I actually use my thumb, with a twirling motion for faster rewind.

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