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Meccano  Advertising  1958-64

Shown on this page are some of the advertisements for Meccano, which appeared in the Meccano Magazines of the period.  This covers general advertising, rather than advertisements for specific products.  For individual product advertising, see the relevant year page on this web site.

Some Advertising Slogans from the period

Advert 4/58

Adverrt 5/58

Advert 8/58

April 1958

May 1958

August 1958

From the EAGLE comic

Advert 12/58

November 1958

December 1958

Advert 1/59

Advert 2/59

Advert 2/59

January 1959

February 1959

February 1959

Advert 5/59

Advert 9/59

Advert 4/60

May 1959

September 1959

April 1960

Advert 1/61
The words "It's real" were removed from this same advertisement when it appeared again in May 1962.
Did Meccano Ltd. land themselves in trouble by trying to claim that Meccano models were real? !!

Advert 1/61

Advert 12/61

January 1961

January 1961

December 1961

Advert 2/62

Advert 4/63

Advert 1/64

February 1962

April 1963

January 1964

Advert 1/64

Advert 4/64

Advert 5/64

January 1964
Meccano Ltd was taken over by
Lines Bros. on 14th February

April 1964

May 1964

Advert 8/64

Advert 8/64


August 1964

August 1964


Note that the accessory sets were always advertised just after Christmas!

Some Advertising Slogans from the period

The Binns Road advertising department certainly weren't short of ideas when it came to thinking up advertising slogans for Meccano.  Here are some of the many used during this short 6-year period:

The toy that grows with the boy
The hobby that grows with the boy
The thrill of 'Build-it-yourself'
Toys that all boys want
Great fun - Meccano!
You'll have more fun with Meccano
You'll have most fun with Meccano
Your hobby for a lifetime
So much more than a toy
Engineering for boys
Engineering for boys of all ages

20th century engineering for boys of all ages

Miniature engineering for boys

Miniature engineering for boys of all ages

Boyhood's best days ...building with Meccano
It's real....it works....it's Meccano!
 (This was later reduced to "It works....it's Meccano")
It's real....it works....it's powered by a Meccano motor!
A hundred toys in one!
Years of fun in every outfit
There's no limit to this exciting hobby
Toys of Quality
Add life to your models with Meccano motors

Engineering in miniature
Meccano the progressive hobby
The constructional hobby for boys of all ages
Switch to Meccano Elektrikit

Meccano Elektrikit - Electrical Engineering in Miniature

New realism! New colours! New super sets!
New look Meccano brings models to life
Meccano is the key to happy boyhood
Breathtaking realism and ten super sets!

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